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One may begin from a corner and proceed along both sides paying attention to maintain perpendicularity. If this method is adopted, one has to proceed by completing single rooms.

In case of long walls, another procedure to be used is the following: Begin from a wall and continue by placing perpendicular walls on a frontal advancement.


Connecting Panels On The Rebars

The connections at the vertical joints between wall panels are often achieved by means of cast in-situ joints.


In order to perform cuts according to the panel layout, one may use instruments like bolt cutters or angle grinders.


Connecting Adjacent Panels

Before applying the stitches, make sure that the panels fit perfectly. Preliminary bond one every meter with stitiche: 1 every 4 stitches.

Pre-assemble More Consecutive Panels

It is possible to pre-assemble more consecutive panels and place them all together.


Placing Reinforcement Meshes

Various Types of Manual Staplers


Plumbing and Scaffolding of Walls

Before scaffolding the walls, make sure they are plumbed. 1 scaffold every 3 meters.(nine feet)

Scaffold on the internal side

It is adviseable to scaffold on the internal side with conventional construction equipment


Inserting Installation’s Chanels

The polystyrene should be melted by a hot air jet. After that, the positioning of the chanels may take place.


When it is necessary to cut out the mesh, a restoration is in order with a flat mesh, after inserting the chanels.

Shotcrete Application

Before the Shotcrete Application

By placing the scaffolds on the internal side, it is possible to rapidly apply the shotcrete on the external side.

Place reinforcement meshes before applying shotcrete.

Remember that the plumbing of walls is absolutely necessary.

Shotcrete Characteristics

The shotcrete to be applied may be a premixed type or prepared on site. In any case it must have the following characteristics:

Shotcrete Prepared On Site
Mix Design
  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  • Sand of a diameter 0-6 mm (0-1/4 in)
  • Cement/Sand (in volume) = 1/4
  • Water/Cement (in weight) < 0,52
Eventual admixtures
  • Fluidifiers
  • Hydro repellers
  • Polypropylene fibers
Premixed Shotcrete
  • Cement based
  • Not less than Grade 25MPa (3556 psi)

Shotcrete Application

The shotcrete should be applied on the walls in two consecutive layers, the first of which, will be sufficient to cover the steel mesh.

Use of a Turbosol type pump
Use of M2 renderer