What are PM2 panels?

PM2 Panels

PM2 Panels in construction building.

PM2 Panels

Less Pollution, Less Work

This revolutionary product brings a new breakthrough in the construction industry where we now can confidently put aside the traditional brick laying and form work construction method.

With PM2 panels, we just need to follow 2 simple steps – Install & Spray.

IBS – Industrialised Building System

The future of construction method through PM2 Advanced Building System.

Advance Building System PM2 modular panels has an average Industrialised Building System (“IBS”) score of more than 75 points in the Malaysian Construction Industry Development Board’s (“CIDB”) IBS scoring system. PM2 wall panel is also a green product using 100% recyclable raw material of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and its lightweight characteristic allows lower foundation cost by approximately 20% - 30%.

This panel consists of a double layered high tensile wire mesh stitched together with an inner layer of EPS. When sprayed with concrete on both sides, it will form a solid composite structure that have the rigidity and strength superior than conventional brickwall.

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PM2 Panels Advantages

Green Product

A system which incorporate green concept from production process until installation at site.

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Green Product


Boost Profit

PM2 panels exelerate the construction process dramatically compared to conventional bricklaying.

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Boost Profit

"Less Rectification works, Less wastages"

With PM2 panels, the construction process is simplified and shortened compares to the time and labour required following the traditional construction method. Every minutes saved is every Ringgit gained by stakeholders.

These light-weight panels require minimal labour in the entire installation process, thus reducing labour cost and help to address the constant labour shortage issues faced by most players in the market.

PM2 panel’s simple & easy installation procedure is dummy-proof where even unskilled workers are capable to install the modular system at ease by following a standard installation procedure.

Rectification work is greatly reduced as the panels are cut to size in the factory. With high precision in measurement, no re-work or rectification is required unless there is a change in design.

In the event that the drawings of the building changed, PM2 panels can be sent back to the factory and be recycled.

Adding all these benefits together, you will find great savings at the end of the day.

Improve Safety

Due to its non-toxic component, it is non-health hazard to the manufacturer and the installer.

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Improve Safety

Due to its non-toxic component, it is non-health hazard to the manufacturer and the installer. Being lightweight, it posses less risk during the handling and installation process, creating a safer working environment.

Easy Plumbing and M&E Installation

“No Hacking, Less Debris”

There is no hacking in the whole process of installation. All the grooves on the panels are created by applying hot air directly on the panel directly to form chases where pipes and conduits can be installed immediately. All plumbing and M&E work will be concealed precisely and easily.

Flexible, Versatile & Open System

PM2 building system favours absolute design flexibility. Besides its full range of building elements from load bearing walls, curtain walls, floors to stairs, it also support any kind of geometrical forms, either plane or curve.

It is easily obtainable by simply shaping the material by cutting the elements at the site.

Multiple Applications & Usage

PM2 panels are suitable for all types of applications from low rise to high rise, residential to commercial, and even mobile modular units.

Besides its most basic usage as structural wall and partitions, these panels can be used as external wall cladding, water retaining features and retaining wall system.

Integration of Design with Construction

M2 PanelCad® allows automatic generation of panel members and provide material estimates from 3D drawings. This enable precise budget planning and control material wastage.

This software provides 3D assembly plan which can be used on-site to minimize errors during installation.

The Component Parts of PM2 Building System

The PM2 single panel is made up of a spatial steel trestle enclosing a foam polystyrene plate; it is finished on site with spritz beton.

Single Panel

This panel is perfect for walls, partitions, claddings, floors and roofing for both civil and industrial buildings.

For a 4-storey building, it can be used as a load-bearing structure with the application of structural plaster on both sides of the panels. It also fits well as partitions and claddings in new or existing building. It functions well as an insulating disposable form for roofing and floor at a reduced span, prepared with or without pre-installed ribs.

Double Panel

Insulating double panel is an excellent substitute for reinforced concrete wall such as load-bearing wall and retention wall. This double panel consists of two basic panel, suitably shaped and joined together by double horizontal connectors to create a space in between the panels. This space is to be filled with concrete.

The thickness of the concrete to be casted inside the double panel and the characteristics of the concrete used are to be defined according to the structural needs. Finally, the panel is finished with the application of the external plaster.

Landing Panel

The PM2 landing panel is an excellent solution for the realization of landings positioned next to the PM2 stairs panel. This landing panel can also be used as any plate or slab for r.c. which can be reinforced in two directions. The finished slabs will have an advantage over the conventional slabs as they are lighter added with the presence of a continuous insulating material in the panel.

Stairs Panel

The PM2 stairs panel fits well into a lightweight resistant staircase of rapid realization. This panel is shaped from a foam polystyrene block according to the design requirements, coated with two layers of steel wire mesh and assembled with electro-welded steel wires. The stairs panel is suitable to be reinforced and finished with casting at site. It also accommodates external finishing such as traditional plaster, tiles or other material extremely well.

Floor Panel

This floor panel supersedes other material in terms of lightness, insulation and rapidity of assembling for any type of floor and roofing with r.c. joists.

The PM2 floor panel composed of a foam polystyrene block shaped to realize floors and roofing of buildings with the addition of supplementary steel inside the panel. It is suitable for joists and subsequent casting at site.